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I.C.E.™ Implant Classical Esthetics

I.C.E.™ Implant Classical Esthetics

Alpha-Bio Tec presents I.C.E. (Implant Classical Esthetics) implant: another example of the company’s unique ability to turn scientific innovation into an effective implantology product.

The I.C.E. implant is ideal for dental professionals who demand precision, reliability and safety. Designed for ease of use and guaranteeing smooth insertion, I.C.E. is best described as providing a “perfect fit and perfect results”.

I.C.E. is indicated for use in a wide range of clinical cases and bone types. It can be deployed in standard implantations, immediate loading, immediate implantations and sinus lifts. I.C.E testimonials demonstrate success with superior confidence and exceptional esthetic results.

The I.C.E. is available in varying diameters and lengths and can be deployed with most standard platform prosthetics.


Design Features:

  • Extremely precise and durable
  • One platform for all diameters*
  • Platform switching


  • Solid connection
  • Perfect implant-abutment fit
  • Simple restoration process


Design Features

  • Back-tapered**
  • Micro threads with 4 split starts***
  • Split coronal micro threads
  • Rough surface reaches the top


  • Great BIC (Bone Implant Contact) in the cortical part
  • Large surface area
  • Improved stress distribution
  • Reduces pressure on cortical bone
  • Less crestal resorption
  • Long-term esthetic appearance


Design Features:

  • Tapered body and core
  • Osteotome like condensing body


  • Smooth and gentle bone penetration
  • High primary stability
  • High bone condensation properties


Design Features

  • Double thread design with 2 mmstep****
  • Variable thread design
  • 60°  thread profile with 0.3 mmtrapezoid-based shape


  • Easy and smooth insertion
  • Fast and controlled bone penetration
  • Excellent bone grip
  • Moderate self-drilling capability
  • Reduces pressure on bone
  • High primary stability


Design Features:

  • Very narrow apical part
  • Apical blades
  • Efficient cutting flute
  • Flat apical border
  • Sharp and deep apical threads


  • Smooth initial penetration
  • High primary stability (also inimmediate implantation)



Do not use I.C.E. implants with: wide healing abutments (HSD5-3, HSD5-5, HSD6-5, HSD6-3),wide abutments (TLAB5, TLAB6, TLAD5, TLAD6, TLAD5-15) and wide analogs (IA5 and IA6).
ICE implants with Ø4.2, Ø 4.65 and Ø5.3 in lengths 10 mm and longer.
ICE implants with Ø4.2, Ø 4.65 and Ø5.3 in lengths 6 and 8 mm have micro threads with 2 split starts.
Except 3.7N – Double threads 2X2.2 mm.

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