Alpha-Bio Česko s.r.o. je registrovanou společností pro dovoz, distribuci a prodej zdravotnických prostředků dle Zákona o zdravotnických prostředcích č. 268/2014 Sb.

Všechny produkty společnosti Alpha-Bio Tec jsou schváleny pro prodej v České republice a v zemích EU.


Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone™
Stability and growth

Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone is an advancedxenograft product, skillfully designedto meet clinicians’ challenges whenperforming Bone Regeneration procedures.

With Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone,clinicians can provide patients withpredictable, osseo regenerative,and highly reliable, long-termtreatment outcomes.

Made from 100% BSE-free,Australian origin cancellous bovinebone, Alpha-Bio Tec xenobone’smulti-porous structure and uniqueOctacalcium Phosphate (OCP)coating, significantly enhancespredictability, bone formation, andstability in any bone regenerationprocedure.

The xenograft medium heatingtemperature processing techniqueenables ideal, natural surfacetopography. Surface roughnessresembles human bone, stimulatingosteoblasts, and average pore sizeof 300~400um enables capillariesgrowth to support osteogenesis.

Light microscope photography demonstrating the porosity ofthe graft material

Graft material

Rough hydrophilic surface (x3000, SEM)

Graft material

OCP-Octacalcium Phosphate Coating (x50000, SEM)

Graft material

Your choice of 3 forms ofconvenient packaging

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